Fliike is the first physical Facebook Fan (or “Like”) counter specially designed for local businesses, public places or Marketing departments!

If you like flip-flap clocks, social networking, physical embodiments of digital things in real-world spaces, yourself, and product names that sound like Finnish jazz musicians, then your dreams have merged into one and come alive in the form of the Smiirl Fliike.

The Smiirl Fliike. Say it out loud. It’s fun.

This five-digit flip-counter connects to your Facebook stats via Wi-Fi, counts how many “Likes” or “Fans” you have, and displays how many you’ve got in real-time. That’s all it does.

The Fliike is useful bragware, to be sure, but extremely limited for the $390 price. I’d love to see the Like-counter built into an actual flip clock so that you could hit a mode button and have a multi-purpose device that tells you what time it is and massages your ego. Compatibility with Twitter (followers and RTs), Reddit (upvotes), and your email inbox (unread messages) might also be nice.

But don’t worry! If you’re so popular that you’re concerned about the five-digit cap on Like/Fan-counting, rest assured. According to the Smiirl Fliike FAQ (say that five times fast), they’ll custom-build a bigger counter for you.